Queenscliff Pubs and Bars


The Bellarine Peninsula is a name synonymous with first-rate, highly-regarded and frequently-enjoyed wines. Producing a portfolio of award-winning vintages, the wineries of the region carefully craft pinot noir, pinot gris, riesling, sparkling, sauvignon blanc and many other varieties. The area also proffers a range of local boutique beers, ciders and gins.

Queenscliff pubs and bars will lift your spirits with their wide assortment of readily stocked home-grown sips, some of which are produced onsite, proudly boasting both towns locality as their origin. And knowing the importance of pairing and aptly highlighting the tastes of the vintages, the pubs and bars magnificently pair their sips with specifically-designed, seasonal menus; cheese platters, bistro fare, tapas-style dishes and so much more.

The establishments themselves provide the ambience of a bygone era, with many of the town’s pubs and bars being former buildings of yesteryear, now artfully restored and renovated. Sit, sip and appreciate a pale ale, crisp cider, dry gin, craftily made cocktail or glass of bubbles at one of town’s legendary locals.